Edition – 1 Platform, Multiple Strategies

1 February 2022
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Lucy Penn

Sales & Marketing Director


Over the past 12 months we’ve continued to make significant enhancements to our platform, including updates to the design and UI across the web and mobile, enhancements in advertising options, updates to reader options, accessibility and improvements in text-to-speech functionality. Through hosting regular virtual roundtable sessions with our clients we have been able to work closely with publishers across territories and varying sizes so we can continue to ensure our platform meets the needs of publishers across the globe…

Our Edition platform offers publishers multiple ways to package content and present it to readers. So whether you’re looking to enhance your print-replica edition, publish a digital-only edition to replace print or include our edition solution within your own news or magazine app then our platform will be key to your strategy.

Here are just some of the ways publishers are utilizing our platform;

Print-Replica Editions

PageSuite client example 2

Traditional print-replica editions have continued to be the primary driver in transitioning print subscribers to digital. Digital editions offer readers a familiar experience and have many additional features, enabling readers to easily access archived editions, share and search content and play interactive puzzles. We’ve continued to enhance our Edition offering across web and mobile, ensuring that the reader’s experience is closely matched across all platforms.

Star Tribune is utilizing PageSuite’s Edition platform to provide readers with an enhanced eEdition experience across the web. Readers can access a digital copy of the newspaper online each day, which includes additional features enabling them to control viewing mode and text size and they can also print articles or the daily crossword puzzle.

“After launch we saw customers consuming 10% more content per session,” said Abbie Bjugstad, Digital Product Owner at the Star Tribune. “We know that increased engagement drives retention of our subscribers which is key to our overall growth and digital transformation.”

Print-Replica Editions + Digital-Only Editions + Live News

PageSuite Edition Clients

Last year we had several clients utilize both print-replica editions and digital-only editions alongside a live news feed.

As well as presenting readers with the print-replica edition, The Kansas City Star app features a special digital-only ‘Morning Sports Edition’ which offers readers the latest game coverage and breaking sports news. The digital-only edition is created by PageSuite mapping feeds from McClatchy’s web CMS to templates that emulate a print layout. In this manner sports content is packaged up into an edition format which has the look and feel of a traditional print edition and is presented alongside the print-replica edition within the app.

Because the PageSuite platform allows clients to mix and match print-ready PDF pages with HTML templates, McClatchy are able to expand the morning sports edition to include sports results and scores that are produced as print-ready pages, and append these to each digital-only sports edition, creating a full round-up of all the day’s sporting action for subscribers. Within the same app, readers can also opt to read the latest ‘live’ news in the feed view.

Using the same platform, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has launched digital-only ‘Afternoon’ and ‘Evening’ editions in the style of a newsletter to provide readers with extra news updates throughout the day.

Edition SDK – Print-Replica Editions within Your Own App

PageSuite SDK clients

We also saw more clients opt to use our Edition SDK, which enables them to integrate our market-leading edition solution into their own news or magazine app. This gives publishers complete control in how they implement editions within their app and gives them the freedom to alter the UI to suit the style of their existing apps if needed.

Below you’ll see two examples of how the LA Times and Philadelphia Inquirer have implemented our Edition solution into their own apps, via our SDK.

You can also find out more about our Edition SDK implementation in this video: