PageSuite Move to a New HQ!

18 October 2018


We’re delighted to announce that we’ve moved into a brand new office in central Ashford, Kent’s premier new office space!
We were previously working from two separate offices in Aldington and Smeeth in rural Kent and have now moved all of our UK-based employees into one large, open-plan office just a stone’s throw from Ashford International train station. A key benefit of being in our new office is that we can be in central London in just 38 minutes and mainland Europe in under an hour making it easier than ever to meet with clients.
Over the past few years as our client base has grown, we have continued to enhance our solutions and improve our offering. This move once again demonstrates our commitment to improving our products and providing our clients with the highest level of service.

We now have our developers, project managers and our QA team working alongside our support, marketing and sales teams which means improved communication and better collaboration thanks to the many breakout spaces located across our brand new office.
As well as creating an inspiring environment for our staff to work in, we’re also hoping that it will become a great place for our clients to visit too!