PageSuite & SixPorts collaborate!

8 May 2018


The launch of a new website, ePaper and app signals a change in direction for The Fiji Times…
Following on from the successful launch of a new app and ePaper for The Fiji Times, we called upon our new ‘sister’ company to develop a brand-new website for the Fijian news brand.
As the leading news site in Fiji, they were looking to upgrade their website, which was previously launched in 2004, with a brand new responsive website which could meet the demands of their readers.
Hank Arts, General Manager at The Fiji Times said; “From January 2017 till now the team at The Fiji Times have been evaluating the best sites from around the world.  We then searched for a suitable partner that could assist us in achieving the standard of website we were looking for.  We contracted PageSuite to provide our development, incorporating the best of those sites we evaluated”.
Following discussions with The Fiji Times, we engaged with our ‘sister’ company, SixPorts, to undertake the website project. Development commenced in November 2017 and the site was launched just 6 months later in April 2018. The site is fully responsive and provides The Fiji Times with complete control over their content and media. The website content is currently free to view, however The Fiji Times have the ability to switch on the metered paywall through the CMS controls.
PageSuite initially collaborated with The Fiji Times in 2015 to launch a Flash-based ePaper which was integrated with their payment system. An upgrade to PageSuite’s latest HTML5 ePaper solution came in 2017, closely followed by the launch of a PDF-replica app housing their daily newspaper editions. Following the launch of their website, The Fiji Times will be launching a new feed-based app in the coming weeks.
You can view the new website here.
“Working from the other side of the world, the team at The Fiji Times has been impressed with the attention, service, knowledge and quality of the development team at PageSuite.  Very impressive indeed and we are delighted with the outcome”, says General Manager Hank Arts.