PageSuite's Summer Subscriptions Summit

3 June 2019


This summer PageSuite are embarking on a European tour, visiting all our major clients and other publishers interested in driving their subscription and advertising strategy. Attracting new audiences and retaining high-value readers is key in 2019 and we will showcase the very best in your market & internationally.
What you’ll get:

  • Exclusive analysis of your national market, competitor brands and international media trends
  • Tailored on-site workshop
  • Insight from other key markets

What we’ll show:

  • How to improve your existing solutions
  • Latest innovations from PageSuite
  • Ways to create new premium opportunities
  • Key retention techniques
  • How to attract new audiences

At the end of our Summer Subscriptions Summit we’ll be circulating a white paper featuring the national and broader trends identified from our on-site visits. This will provide you with key insight into what is happening within your industry to help shape your digital strategy for the next 12 months.
To register your interest in our Subscriptions Summit workshop please email us with your availability.