How Publishers are Dealing with Coronavirus

12 March 2020


As the Coronavirus pandemic widens businesses are being affected in a multitude of ways.
Within the publishing sector, we are seeing newspapers adapt their subscription models in an effort to make sure their content is available to as many readers as possible should there be delays or issues with print production and delivery.
PageSuite has had clients request that paywalls on digital editions are completely taken down, using this as a way to drive readers to digital publications in the short term, hoping it will drive longer-term digital consumption habits. Some publishers are dropping digital paywalls but maintaining a login form so users will still register to access content. This way they are able to track the popularity of free access and have data available for future marketing initiatives.
Other publishers are looking to add extra pages to digital editions throughout the day to update readers on the latest Coronavirus cases globally and within their local area.
PageSuiteā€™s support team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to support any requests such as those mentioned within this post to ensure that our clients are able to respond quickly to any change in circumstances.
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