This Could Be Your Biggest Driver of Subscription Revenue in 2019…

6 February 2019


Our new Edition App and PWA will give publishers the power to drive brand new digital revenues, attract brand new subscribers and launch brand new products, making it an essential component of your digital publishing strategy this year.

  1. Extra Editions

Maximise your content and create extra editions to provide subscribers with additional value and make your digital subscription proposition even more attractive. This could be a brand new digital-only evening edition or a bumper weekend special edition. Minimal resource is required to create an ‘Edition’ as the workflow can be fully automated, and content is pulled from existing sources. It can sit alongside your existing Replica edition or within a standalone native app or Progressive Web App.
2. New Vertical Markets
You could also choose to segment existing content or generate new compelling content for vertical markets, whether that’s sports, politics or food. This enables you to “create a brand” with a more personalised, curated edition designed for more engaged readers. This enables you to either generate additional revenue by packaging it up alongside your existing offering or use it as a value-add to encourage new readers to subscribe.
3. Specials
You could also utilise our Edition solution to create special one-off editions for major sporting events, such as the Super Bowl or major political events, such as government elections. This would drive significant advertising revenue or you could sell your ‘specials’ as single editions within your subscription offering to generate new revenue. These products can also be accessible to existing subscribers to drive premium subscription rates.
4. Offer Alternative Reading Experiences
Offer subscribers an edition product that can be toggled between the pdf replica version to allow loyal readers the ability to still experience the replica edition as they have done in the past whilst offering a more enhanced version , optimised for mobile, tablet and browser, to a more digital savvy audience.