WEBINAR: Driving engagement: From InDesign to Responsive Mobile Editions

25 October 2019


On Thursday 21st November at 2pm PageSuite and Canvasflow joined forces for a webinar showcasing how both solutions can combine to offer publishers an extremely powerful toolset.
In this webinar we covered;

  • How Canvasflow enables publishers to rapidly create responsive content and deliver it across multiple platforms.
  • How content from InDesign can be converted into a format for mobile publishing without the need for additional resources.
  • How Canvasflow seamlessly integrates with PageSuite so that publishers can push optimized content directly into PageSuite’s “Edition” solution, via an intuitive and efficient workflow.
  • How PageSuite’s “Edition” solution enables you to create crafted editions, completely new brands or one-off specials across web or app to drive engagement and grow revenue.

View the recording below;

PageSuite and Canvasflow became tech partners earlier in 2019. Canvasflow’s integration with PageSuite’s Edition solution allows customers to create and design responsive, engaging HTML5 content – whether using the InDesign plug-in to quickly convert content to HTML or by creating new content with their Editor.